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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

As I think about some things I would tell a new teacher...It is quite hard.  There are so many things I could say, but we know that there is nothing like experience when it comes to having your own classroom for the first time.  However, we should definitely offer suggestions and tips to "newbies"...and hey even after 6 years I still want tips and advice to improve my classroom.

1. Labels are my friend!  I make TONS of name labels in all sizes when I get my class list.  This is so much easier than writing a child's name 100 times X 18 on everything in your classroom!  Plus, for students who can't write their name, it's a quick fix for the first few weeks until they learn to write.

2.  I Assign rug spots in ABC order.  I never did this until I saw one of my friends do it.  It saves so much time and "heartache" for the students.  They can't argue who to sit beside or NOT to sit beside...there is no fighting over who sits close to the teacher or on the "pink butterfly" on the rug.  They have their ABC spot and it's no one else's.  

3.  Keep a correspondence page for communication between you and parents for each child.  Date it and document what you need to.  This is a wonderful tool for parent conferences and if ever a question arises about a particular situation.

4.  Be SILLY with your kids!  I promise you'll enjoy your day more....sometimes you just need to laugh!  

5.  LOVE those babies.  Tell them you love them and care about them...even those little stinkers.  You may be the only love they get each day!  

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  1. #5. So true! They love our stable & safe home away from home!

  2. I agree! Number 5 is a must. Even when you want to scream at em! =)

  3. Love this post sweetie! You gotta tell them you love em!!!!!!! They might not hear it enough!

    P.S. I think we have the same addiction...DJ INKERS :)

  4. Great advice Julie. I LOVE your posts and thanks again for sharing so much information.

  5. I love the idea of putting them on the rug in ABC order. I do that for line order but never thought of it for the rug.

    I am so with you on #5 too. The stinkers are usually the ones that need the most love.


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