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Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Fun

Whew!  What a busy, week!  I can only imagine next week, but hey... Santa's almost here...what should we expect?!  We did a lot of fun things this week...a lot of assessing...and more next week too!  Let's skip assessment and get right to the FUN stuff!  

Both of these games are in the Winter Games for Math and Literacy from Deanna Jump and myself...

Manipulating letters to build sight words...

Now that we are segmenting sounds in words, syllables was a little confusing...so we are practicing

These 3 plus 18 other math and literacy centers are included in my new Deck the Halls Christmas unit...

I've had the reindeer fact book from Mailbox in my folder for years and finally got around to making it the way I wanted to and actually doing it...turned out so cute!  I used the same words as that one, just changed the cover a bit...

If you like it, grab the freebie below!  :)  

Look at my goodies...reindeer buckets came from Target dollar section...they may have them this year; Santa bag in the middle came from Target dollar section this year...I have objects from the Lakeshore sound tubs in it for a game; Santa buckets...Dollar Tree last year...they may have them again, not sure.  
These are in our station next week so check back for pictures.
I love games that incorporate fine motor practice...we so need it!  :)  PLUS, it's fun!

These symmetrical ornaments make our classroom look adorable!  Since school is our home away from home, it has to look "a lot like Christmas" there too!  

I saw this on a website a few years ago...littlegiraffes.com
I give all the strips to my little friends and they must put them in order from shortest to tallest before gluing them on their paper.  I check each one first.  Such great math skill practice but in a fun way!  Last, we add snow with white paint and a q-tip.

Our TLC Santa's make our door look darling!

Our class Christmas tree...love all the "kid ornaments"...

we played a rhyming rudolph color word game...LOTS of times because they kept begging to...

Enjoy your freebie below...if you snatch it up, let me know what you think.

Reindeer Fact Book Pics


  1. Can't wait to do the reindeer book with my kids! They will love it. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Is the Reindeer rhyming game a part of your christmas pack? If not, where might I find it? Thanks!

  3. I love the reindeer book! Important facts yet pretty easy to "read" for them. I have found so many wonderful things to use next week - sure hope I can fit it all in before the break!!!!

  4. Love all your things as usual! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I am loving your gingerbread unit, and winter centers with Deanna. I can't wait to make the reindeer book, it is perfect!!!!
    Tonia in Redlands,Ca.
    a big fan!,

  6. Thanks for the freebie! I've bought several of your units and they are great!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love the shortest to longest Christmas tree!!!

  8. Julie I"m curious what kind of dot stickers you use on your centers for your kids to count?


  9. Rachelle,
    the ones on the santa bags came from a local school store called schoolcraft....i don't have the package to tell you the company but there's a ton in the pack. i've also used creative teaching press' poppin pattern ones too. Schoolcraft has an online store. :)

  10. Thank you, the poppin pattern ones are what I was looking for!

  11. Julie,
    I love your Rhyming Rudolph color game. How do you play it?

  12. A question about down loading... Scridb. wants me to log on to Facebook and wants me to agree to access to my Facebook account to get and post anything. Does that sound right? Is there another, safer way, to access the documents? Thanks!
    Melinda F.

  13. Melinda,
    I'm not really sure...you're supposed to be able to just download it w/out going through all of that I think...not sure. If you will e-mail I can send it to you. :)

  14. I love your ideas. I recently purchased your unit. I was wondering where did you buy the small dot stickers that you have in the santa sacks. I have gone everywhere looking for them. I just can't seem to find them.

  15. These are very creative ideas.

  16. Making plans for next week this morning and was trying to come up with a reindeer activity. Thanks!
    And I love the holiday tree idea!

  17. Anonymous,
    I got the stickers from a local school supply store...I know creative teaching press has a version of poppin patterns that are very similar with 2 colors...the ones shown here were less expensive and I got a lot more. :)

  18. You are so prolific!!! Lucky students. The book is a wonderful share.
    Thank you.
    - Lisa from ateachersbagoftricks.blogspot.com

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  20. I just gave you the versatile blogger award! Check it out here: http://creativeteaching-kimberly.blogspot.com/2012/01/versatile-blogger-award.html

  21. Do you hand cut all of your pattern block shapes for your ornaments? They are adorable! I would love to do that in my classroom.

  22. I'm trying to download the Reindeer book and Scribed wants me to become a member. Would you mind to email the document? I would love to have it to go with my unit! Thank you very much. I love all of your creative ideas and activites.


  23. I am also having trouble downloading the document from Scribed :( I would LOVE to do this book with my children after Thanksgiving! Do you mind emailing it to me? Thank you SO MUCH in advance! Love all the wonderful things you do with your kindergarteners!


  24. Hi from Australia! A few weeks ago I used one of your ideas above as inspiration for an activity with my special needs class (the length ordering Christmas tree). I never managed to take photos of our work though.. Grrr. I've included a link to your blog in mine though... Drop by and tell me if what I've done is ok if you like. (teachingdesk.blogspot.com.au/2014/01/christmas-at-school.html) Thanks for the inspiration.

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  27. I am having trouble accessing the reindeer document through Scribd...would you mind sending me through email? It will be great for my students this week before Christmas!


  28. I am having trouble accessing the reindeer document through Scribd...would you mind sending me through email? It will be great for my students this week before Christmas!



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