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Friday, December 2, 2011

Gingerbread Week & Our Five Senses

This week we learned about our five senses and had tons of fun reading "the gingerbread stories"...and comparing them.  The Gingerbread Man is one of my faves!  I didn't snap a lot of pics this week, but here are a few of the fun things we did!  The My Five Senses sheet below, Peppermint Patterns, and Flippin' for Sounds games can be found in my new Gingerbread Fun unit on tpt.  The Tastes of our Tongue isn't in there, but I'll try to get it on as a freebie soon...it was a last minute thing.

Drew pictures our five senses and wrote them

Had a taste test...
 For fun, each day we used our sense of smell to decide which scent we would burn in our classroom...
We moved our names on the Promethean board to the one we liked best...
Lemon never won...what's wrong with lemon?  I like lemon?
 We flipped Christmas cookies and listened for the beginning sound of the picture on the back
 Still practicing patterns...
 Our cute little Gingerbread Five Senses anchor chart
 One version of our gingerbread glyphs from Kim Jordano
 We made fraction cookies, labeled them, and of course...added glitter!
Our Five Senses gingerbread man...isn't he cute?

Catch the Gingerbread Man

Catch the Gingerbread Man is played the same way as Catch the Turkey from last week's post...

And, my  December Small Groups and Intervention pack is available at my tpt store now...check it out!


  1. Sorry girls, the first freebie didn't go on right...I'll correct it, but later...I'm pooped!...Julie

  2. I love the kids' faces when they're taste testing. Hilarious!

    Grade ONEderful

  3. Love the catch a gingerbread man activity. Thanks so much!

  4. ADORABLE AS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. what foods did you do for your tasting? I'm always looking for better ideas. Love the sour faces!

  6. Do you have the Peppermint Patterns activity sheet for sale in one of your packets? I love it.


  7. I was looking for the candy cane pattern paper as well. Thanks!


  8. I was wondering if you would be posting your candy cane patterning sheet. We start patterns tomorrow and this would be a great addition.

  9. Anonymous, Carmen, and Kate,
    The Peppermint Patterns is included in my Gingerbread Unit in my tpt store...the link to my store is http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Julie-Lee

  10. Cute stuff. That little guys face is so funny.

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