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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Integrating Math & Literacy-Zoo Style

I always forgot how much fun teaching "ZOO" is until I begin the unit.  Usually by this point in the year I'm tired and not motivated, but once I get into the unit it is SO MUCH FUN!

My kids are amazed at how big a grown gorilla's hand is every year....me too!  
This was our gorilla project.

 We learn about kangaroos and how far the biggest kangaroo can jump...40 feet!!!  Wow!
Inside this "pouch" is the joey and a fact.
I forgot to take a picture, but we measured 40 feet with yarn, took it to the playground and counted how many times it took us to jump 40 feet.  They loved it!

We made the little Zoo Faces below along with a fact after learning about each animal.  Yu can find patterns for these zoo faces (not the kangaroo above) in my tpt store HERE.  Someone said "crafts for dummies" and they are so right!  SO simple and quick, but they look great!!  It's an easy 30 minute activity and that includes reading a book!
The gorilla activity is in Zoo Faces part 2.

We measured 6 ft of crepe paper and glued them to our elephants.  That's about how long an elephant's trunk is.

I found these cuties last year in Target dollar spot.

We read a fact sentence and then sorted them into the little trash cans.

I like to get my kids up and moving....here this little cutie is hopping out syllables kangaroo style during literacy centers.

And, I have this pocket chart story in my tpt store...you can find the SHOO FLY packet HERE.

 I just had to include this pic....they are discussing their drawings during math...their pictures had to include something in our classroom and use math words shorter, taller, longer, etc.

 Happy Weekend friends!!  
I'm working on some freebies for you soon!  


  1. Love the gorilla hand activity and those adorable zoo animal trash cans!! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. I am totally in love with the kangaroo and pouch... adorable!

    Adventures in Kindergarten

  3. Do you know of any good ipad apps. for Kindergarten kids for Math and Language Arts?
    Jan Key


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