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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Table Fairy Came...

Whew! I meant to have this up Friday and link up for Five for Friday, but that didn't happen! It was my first week back and boy was I tired! I just have a few pictures for you. We made our little Farm Faces...they always turn out cute! The best part...SO easy to prep & it's a fast project if your time is limited. On another note...do messy baskets, tables, desks bother you to no end?? Well, the Table Fairy just so happened to stop by Friday afternoon after school and she found some nicely organized baskets (YAY!) and others...not so much! Ummmmmm...excuse me, but this is a MESS! Let's just say the Table Fairy was sad! This, however, made her happy...well the orange and yellow baskets... So, she left stickers and a rainbow piece for students at these nice & neat tables!! Oh, and she always leaves a trail of fairy dust on her way out! ;) Hope your weekend was great!!


  1. I definitely need to have the table fairy make a visit to my school. I am in love those cute animal faces. How stinking cute and we love easy to prep quick crafts :)

    Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten

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