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Friday, January 10, 2014

Party Blowers & Bubbles

So, who doesn't love party blowers and bubbles?  These kids did!

They went crazy for this activity which you can find in my New Year packet HERE.  :)
Since we had a short week with 1 weather day, and 2 delayed days…PLUS I was out sick 1 day this was the perfect week to bring out these activities.
(Please excuse the pictures taken with my phone…I forgot my real camera…ugh!)

So, I gave every student a party blower first.  I found a pack of 8 at Walmart for less than $2 bucks.
Next, I explained the activity in detail and made sure everyone knew only to blow on their party blowers after the question was asked…haha…yeah right!
 Last, I showed them cards and called out a word…they had to blow the blower for each sound in the word.  Some of my kiddos are having a hard time with phoneme segmentation so this was the perfect time to whip out this little activity.  Sound cards are included in the New Year pack.  
We also, said the sounds aloud just for the auditory practice as well.  :)  
 I put each child's party blower in a ziploc baggie with their name so we can use them again next week.
They begged to keep playing….loved it!

Aaaannnd…this afternoon when we finished up with our school-wide bicycle giveaway and parade 
(which you can see a picture of on my FB page HERE), we had few minutes before time to go home so we went to the rug and did this little activity. 

Each child got a small bottle of bubbles like this.  I found these at Walmart as well…24 bottles for $3 bucks.

Again, I explained the details of the activity and asked them not to blow until they were told…self-control people…HA!  Surprisingly, most of them exhibited this quality much better with bubbles than with party blowers.  :)
 I whipped out some flashcards and started with the first student to  my left…if they got it right they got to blow bubbles; if not, they had to wait their next turn.  This went very fast and I just kept going round and round the circle until we ran out of time.  I love activities like this because you can use this concept for ANYTHING!  
 They seriously loved it and kept their attention the whole time.  They certainly did not want to be in "lala land" and miss the opportunity to blow bubbles.
 I wrote their name on their container of bubbles so we could play again next week!
We are storing them in our crayon baskets at our tables.

Within this short week, we managed to get this little cutie-patootie project done!  
I love it hanging from our ceiling every year…They look adorable and love that math is incorporated too!

Hope you see something you can use in your own classroom!  
After all, that's why this blog is here…to share ideas!  :)


  1. Your snowmen turned out adorable... Might have to "borrow" that one craft for the library. Too cute.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  2. Love the idea of the blowers and bubbles. Off to the store!!!

  3. OMG.... absolutely love the ideas with the bubbles and blowers!!! My littles are learning both self control and letter sound recognition... I will be using these ideas next week!! :) Thanks!!!

  4. HI, Love the snowmen. Where did you find the snowflakes to do the patterns? Thanks, DG in NC :)

    1. Hi Dawn! My school has Ellison Die-Cutting machines and those are a die-cut. You could probably use a snowflake craft punch. :)

  5. LOVE your blog. SUPER! My phoneme post may be helpful to your readers, too. www.bamradionetwork.com/edwords-blog/teaching-morgan-santa-what-s-a-phoneme-anyway


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