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Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter Centers & Oldie but Goldie FREEBIE

I have these good intentions of making blog posts on Friday nights; however, that rarely happens.  Let's face it…life happens and things just don't always go according to plans, but I guess it's never too late show what was happening in my classroom last week.  :)  Here ya go!

All of these centers can either be found in my Frosty Fun Unit OR my Winter Literacy or Winter Math Centers.
We are working on ordering teen numbers
 Spinner Addition…they caught on so well

 Sweater Math…you can find this FREE HERE

I love this one because it really makes them think…I've had this center for a couple of years and they always love it!  Something different!

CVC word practice
A fun and different way to find rhyming words...

I always let me students paint and then decorate their own snowman with scrap paper.
Then, we measure them and write on the little recording sheet.  These are super cute hanging in our room!

 At writing center this week, I let them use stamps to create a CVC snowman and I love that their work is hanging from our ceiling.  :)

 We made these little cutie patooties!  I love the way they turned out.  
And, of course, we added a writing piece at the bottom.

 We read Snowmen at Night and wrote verbs in our writing.  You can find this super cute snowman HERE from First Grade Blue Skies.
 SO adorable!  Doesn't our hallway display look great!  :)  


  1. I Think that it is good idea to visit mykindergarten.co.uk

  2. Julie,

    I absolutely love EVERYTHING you do in your class and post on here. This week we started using your valentines day activities that I bought from TPT. Thanks for all the great activities!



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