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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Classroom Tour Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week '15

Hey y'all!  Remember me??  I have not blogged in forever!  Gosh, school started and...well...you know how that goes.  I have been in school about 3 weeks and let's just say my classroom doesn't look like it did the day before kids started!  HA!  I didn't change up my classroom much this year because I kinda did that last year and I still love it!  I snapped a few pics of some new things and then I'm gonna share my post from last year in case you missed it.

I finally bought a black pocket chart and made some changes to my center board.  It runs the exact same way, I just made some new cards and such.  
I still adore my chalkboard numbers from Hope King and my Alphabet from Special Teacher for Special Kids.

We are busy, busy getting acquainted with the alphabet.  I love these cute little letters from
Poco & Pop!  To introduce the letters, I pull one or two out of the mystery bag each day.  

We are fortunate to have lofts in our school.  My kids love going up here to read.  I added these cute little battery operated lantern lights from Target this year.  They look great when the lights are out during rest time.

Um, I finally got around to getting pictures printed for my frames that sit behind my teacher table.
Yes, it took me a whole year!  But, I love that it makes my room feel home-y and cozy.

Instead of names, this year I put pictures of my kiddos on their work display area.  I really like the way it turned out.  

Here's a full on view of the board in my room where I display work.
I chose to go with all white paper on the black fabric background.

And, this is the door to my classroom!  Again, I printed each child's picture  to display above their name.  Love!

*******************Here's the View of my Classroom from Last Year*******************
Whole Group Rug Area
 Word Wall
 Writing Center
 Love the chalkboard baskets from TJ Maxx
 My writing rings are put on this jewelry organizer from TJ Maxx
 My Small Group Teaching Area
 Cute banner from Target
 And, this is how I organize student supplies...along with some flowers!  


  1. I love your black pocket chart so much!!!

  2. Your room looks like a really fun place to be! Love it!!

  3. Your room looks great! I am so jealous of the loft area. What a fun place for your kiddos to read and relax! :)

  4. LOVE~LOVE~LOVE your classroom. What a fun place to learn! We are getting reading lofts this school year and I cannot wait! Have a great school year! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog


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