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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Learning Targets and I Can Statements

I'm sharing with you about the Learning Targets and Essential Questions box for kindergarten.  At my school, we aren't required to display learning targets or I Can Statements.  However, once I got these in and looked at them, I feel they would be very helpful not only for my students, BUT to keep me more aware of the standards and skills I'm trying to teach my students.  I find myself using these words when teaching so I can make sure I'm covering exactly what I'm supposed to be.
Do I teach the skills and standards without these?  YES!  I just like that these are "in my face" for me to see every day.  

What I don't like so much is that it doesn't come with a small pocket chart, which would be super handy.  I had one, now I can't find it.  I just used a large pocket chart that I had.  I also wish they were in order.  They aren't but they do come with tabs for sorting which is really nice!  

If you have to display learning targets, essential questions, and I Can Statements I would recommend this product.  You can click on the pictures below to go check it out!

Review Disclaimer: I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.


  1. I have the same learning target cards. I ordered a pocket chart that is made just for the cards. I purchased it at lakeshorelearning.com Daily Standards Pocket Chart # FG364 $10.99

  2. I have them too. I like the clean understandable wording. However, I wish the print was larger.

  3. I would type them bigger and scaffold them with a picture and then kids will know what they will be learning!


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