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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Monster Mash

Friday we held a Monster Mash in the music room.  I think it was my favorite day of the year so far!  We had a ball.  We have been learning all about the letter Mm this week, so this was the perfect way to end the week.  We played monster games and ate monster brains, eyes, tongues, hair, ears, etc., and drank monster slime.  The games we played were, Pin the Eye on the Cyclops, Monster Eye spoon race, and Godzilla Stomp.  Godzilla Stomp was definitely the favorite.  You play it kind of like musical chairs.  We had huge feet that they had to race to get on when the music stopped.  We took away a foot each round and if you didn't find a foot you had to sit.  The kids caught on quickly and had so much fun!  Hope you enjoy these precious pics.  Oh, and check out the food that a sweet room mom from Mrs. Mayas' class made for us.  

he's trying hard to find it

she got it

will he get it?

wrong monster silly...hehe

ready for the monster eye spoon race

boys are ready too

Dancing to the Monster Mash song waiting for the music to end to find a foot

Found a foot

look at those monster moves

The winners!  Yay!

What a FUN, FUN day!


  1. This is adorable! I bet the kids loved it!

  2. This is great!! I love seeing pics of Brandon. He loves you and being in your class! Thank you for all you do for him!

  3. Love the pictures:) My sister loves to check-out your blog.. She lives in Daphne... Bailee told me that was an awesome day:) Thanks so much for being an outstanding teacher:) Darrin and Shanna

  4. What were the monster eyes made from?

  5. for the eyeball relay?? A friend found them at K-mart in the halloween sections....kind of like ping pong balls. The cyclops eyes were made out of paper.

  6. I was thinking of the treats. . .cookies???

  7. oh, cookie dough rolled in powdered sugar with icing of top. Sorry!


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