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Friday, September 24, 2010

T is for Teddy Bear

Learning about the letter Tt was so much fun!  We did some fun activities with teddy bears this week.  Our comprehension skill in reading this week was classify and categorize, so we practiced by categorizing our bears in different ways.  I asked the boys and girls how we could do this.  The first way mentioned was to categorize them by "bears" and "not bears".  Second, we categorized them by "brown" and "not brown".  They did a great job!  We lined up our bears  by size...shortest to longest.  Finally, we constructed the letter "T" with our teddies.  I let the children do this entirely by themselves.  They had to practice teamwork to get it done.  And, they were awesome at it!  


  1. not quite sure what adrian was doing but very cute pic!!lol

  2. I love this unit!! Can you send me a copy of it? My kinders will love it also coul you sned me your monster unit as well!! I love your site it is so helpful in my classroom!!!



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